Physical Therapy Assistant Salary Information

Physical therapy assistant salary is one of the vital factors that a person needs to have in mind if they are considering a career along these lines.

It is important to note that this is quite a lucrative career as physical therapy has rapidly become part of medical treatment. This is due to the development of the modern methods that are used for therapy making it more effective and productive.

This has translated into more jobs for physical therapists due to increased health demands as the ageing population of the baby boomers rapidly increases.

Factors Effecting PTA Salarys

While looking at Physical therapy you have to remember that there are a number of factors that affect the figures thus not all the professionals can earn the same amount.

When you look at it at an hourly rate, a therapy assistant can be paid anything from $21- $ 30 per hour. This of course depends on things such as employer, title, place of work, training and experience among many other things that determine how much the professional will take home at the end of the year. An example of salary scale for physical therapists this is found below:

Prn physical therapy assistant $ 88,000.

Travel physical therapy assistant $ 86, 000.

Certified physical therapy assistant $ 51000.

Physical therapist assistant outpatient $ 55,000.

Licensed physical therapy assistant $ 49, 000 .

An assistant that does not have any experience $ 43, 000.

The state where a person works can also influence physical therapy assistant salary. Professionals working in an urban setting will most likely earn more than the ones who are working in the rural states.

How Many Hours And Location

This is probably because life is more expensive in the urban areas than the rural counterparts. The urban locations also have a better potential of making more money since there are more people. The hours that the professionals put in also play a huge role in determining the amount of money that the physical therapist earns.

The facility where a person works also determines physical therapy assistant salary range. Professionals who are working for private institutions can make slightly more than those working for public institutions.

Free lance therapy assistants who offer house calls or travel to different locations to offer their services can also end up earning a higher salary than those who work for private or public institutions. One of the reasons for this is convenience associated with this type of job thus they can choose to work more hours getting more cash from the clients they treat. There are some therapists who also end up making more money by running and managing their own small offices.

Are You Passionate About Physical Therapy ?

To earn high physical therapy assistant salary, you have to be passionate about your job. In addition to this, you have to be detail oriented, dexterous, approachable & outgoing and possess incredible interpersonal skills.

This way, you can be assured that patients will be impressed with the services offered to benefit from repeat business. This implies that you can also rely on word of mouth advertising from your satisfied customers to ensure that you remain relevant in the industry for a long time.

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